środa, 18 sierpnia 2010


Hey, just to let you know I'm alive.
I'm at Rochester now, looking for a job and learning some game development skills. Reading a lot about the theory of game design, and looking into an engine called Unity. It's going to be pretty hard for me to get any good results, but I really have to do this now.

I've been playing GTA3 recently, which is a real pain in the ass at times, but overall pretty fun, and it has this good sandbox / living city feel to it. The music got boring, unfortunately (the same tracks over and over), and I have to run it on lowest details to get a passable performance... But hey, I knew that already, so nothing too bad.

I finished Serious Sam: The Second Encounter. I'm not writing a review of it, just because it's one of my favourites and it wasn't my first playthrough, so no point in that. Generally speaking, you should play it if you enjoy the FPS genre, but I guess that if you do, you already know this title, so no point in me recommending it to you!

I'm planning on finishing Total Annihilation soon. And both campaigns at that. Will probably take some time, but I've played a lot of RTS games back home (with still more waiting for me here), so I don't mind playing TA seldomly, but consequently.

The main game I'm finishing now is Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within. A pretty old adventure game, it deserves it's own review, so as soon as I finish it, I'll tell you what I think. Generally - good adventure game with some irritating (and somewhat nonsense) moments, but it's age sure does show.

That's it for now, I don't when the next update will be, so stay put.

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