sobota, 24 kwietnia 2010

Day 1

Hey there.
Here we go. This is the first post on my new blog. For those who know my previous one (which was exclusively in Polish), this one is not going to be about what I'm doing at the moment. Well, alright, it is, but only to some extent. This blog is going to be about games, and games only (come to think of it, this may be an exaggeration, but we'll see about that).

Not any one type of games, no. I'm quite the gamer, and my interests lie with Pencil-and-Paper Role-Playing games, Computer games and Board games. I can see the majority of topics are going to deal with Video Games, but generally speaking I'm going to write about whatever comes to my mind at any given moment.

I'm also pondering throwing in bits and pieces of video here and there, but I absolutely hate listening to myself speaking, more so when I speak in English. So unless I overcome that, don't count on any videos.

I can't say how often this blog is going to be updated, so you might as well check it no more often than once a week. I'm pretty busy at the moment, and as a general rule I get bored of having to do something week after week. So updates may (and will at times) be made pretty much at random.

What will the updates be? I'm planning on doing some Top 10 lists (my favourites), short reviews of games I really liked or ones I hated, texts about games I really feel people should know, or general rants, some possibly steming from a game I'm playing at any given moment.

If you are reading this, you are very much encouraged to comment. Write whatever you like (as long as it's on topic and not offensive), but let me know you were here and had a read. With that, I leave you for now - I've got some things to do for University!

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