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Kristof's Triangle of Gaming

My primary gaming interests form the Big Three: Video Games, Board Games and Role-Playing Games. My interest fluctuates from one to another, often incorporating two, or all of them at times. Generally speaking, they are all there at any given moment, but usually one of them dominates my current interest. Have a look at this:

This is my Gaming Triangle (forgive my poor Paint skills), and the red dot shows you where my interests lie at the moment. As you can see, I'm into Video Games and RPG's at the moment, with a little tilt to the RPG side of things. My Board Gaming is in a kind of a hiatus at the moment - I don't play often and there's not many games I'm hyped for, though one in particular, Britannia has been drilling a hole in my brain for a while now... Mostly because I'm a fan of British history. Shame it's so expensive...

So yeah, I'm going to update that Triangle of mine from time to time. Or not. We'll see.

If you're wondering why I'm updating this blog so often when I specifically said I wouldn't do that in the first post, here's a riddle. Do I, or Don't I still have 2000 words to write to finish my essay? Guess away.

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