wtorek, 19 października 2010

New Project

Just a heads up - you won't probably see much of me this week, because I'm working on a new project, a SF horror/thriller Choose-Your-Own-Adventure game called "MTU Kazan". You'll be able to play it, hopefully sooner than later (ETA around the middle of next week), via a flash-based website created using the software at www.wix.com.

I'm around 1/4 of the whole thing right now, after I finish I'll have to test how long it actually takes to finish, and if I find it's too short, I'll add some stuff here and there and then launch it.

So stay tuned.

Also, I came up with a brand name for my 'company', or basically a logo which is going to be included in all my future projects. Have a look and try to guess why this is what I picked.

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