wtorek, 26 października 2010

Game Boxes

Just a short post to keep you entertained while I still work on MTU Kazan. Haven't made much progress since I was sick for the past few days and writing stuff was the last thing I felt like doing.

I guess that most of you are either older than me, or only a bit younger at most. So you probably remember what game boxes used to look like. You know, the big carton ones, which took a lot of space on the shelves, and had only a CD case and a game manual inside it. They've been discontinued around the turn of the century or so I think. The last box I had like this, was from a game released in 2005, but the one before that was from 2001, with no 'big boxes' in between. I think you can still get them with low-budget games, but no 'serious' companies publish games like that any more.

When they introduced the DVD boxes, I was rather dissapointed. I really like the old boxes, I like how they take up space and look down at you from the shelve. I know they're useless and taking up space is all they do, but hey! Some games released around 2001 or 2002 in newspaper editions had a 'do it yourself' cardboard box. But the DVD boxes, well, they look like movie boxes. You can fit a lot on the shelve, they look like small books, one next to the other. They no longer look proud, instead they are shy. They don't catch your eye with a logo on the side, with an imaginative font - they keep to a simple font and only the game's name, which makes them look like stuff you'd put in a file cabinet. And when you look inside... well, there's not much space there. Only enough to fit a few CDs in and a slim booklet. If the booklet is thicker, or there are more CDs in, you sometimes have slight trouble just closing the damn thing.

And if you look at the new trend in boxes, like the ones here: http://www.nowaklasyka.com/tytuly.html Well, they look like BluRay boxes. I even had to double check if the games didn't need BluRay drives to play them... I don't really like them. I don't know, maybe I'm just a reactionist when it comes to these things...

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