środa, 3 listopada 2010

General Update

Hey guys. In case you're wondering, I'm still here.
I'm still working on MTU Kazan and I have reached about 90% of completion on the plot, which means that the whole project is around the 80% mark. I'm hoping to reach around 85% today, and finish off tomorrow and Friday. I'm then leaving for the weekend for an Arts and Crafts event in Wychurst (an Anglo-Saxon site replica, complete with a longhall). I'm hoping to finish all the work on MTU Kazan around next Wednesday, which is the, very introductory, day for the 'premiere'.

I haven't been playing much recently. I've done some Civilization III, but despite several attempts I still don't really know what I'm doing. Going to give it a few more goes, but it does seem it's not exactly my kind of game even though, in theory, it's all I could ever dream of in the strategy department.

I'm also struggling with finishing Disciples II so I can go ahead and play some other strategy games (yes, my playing regime is still in effect and will probably stay that way for a longer while). It'll take a while longer I'd imagine, as I'm pretty tired with the game at this point, and I still have three missions to complete with the basic campaign, and then another three from the expansion pack to call it a finished game.

I almost finished Grim Fandango at this point, but I have the last chapter to complete and I haven't had time to sit down and do it, and neither had my girlfriend (with whom I play and finish most adventure games).

And finally, I tried installing and running Tomb Raider (the first one), but it doesn't work too well and I can see myself throwing it out and installing the second part instead. Also, it didn't really grab me. May be that's another sub-genre of games that I should like in theory, but in practice it falls short of my expectations. We'll see about that.

Okay then, back to work.

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