wtorek, 9 listopada 2010

General Update #2

Me again.
Still working on MTU Kazan. As was to be expected, there's no chance of it going live tomorrow, but there's a slim chance I'll be able to publish the game on Friday, and if that fails, I will finish it over the weekend and publish it on Monday with a 95% certainty. I'm almost finished with the plot (somewhere between the 90% and 95% mark), so all I hope will be left come Thursday afternoon is the linking of paragraphs. But that's going to take hours and hours.

Wychurst was fun, though I hardly had any sleep Saturday/Sunday night because it was freakishly cold and I couldn't focus on falling asleep. Plus different noises made it extra difficult, so I ended up rekindling the fire and keeping it up for the whole night to keep myself warm. Needless to say, I got back home early and slept for most of the day. Due to my service I was dubbed the 'Midnight Stoker', so that's always something!

I have decided to leave Tomb Raider on the side for now, especially since I was able to buy a used copy of Half-Life, and I'm playing it now. I was also able to pick up GTA: Vice City and GTA: San Andreas at a bargain price from Steam. I can't wait to play and finish GTA3 and then Vice City. San Andreas, I'm not so sure. From the videos I have seen it's waaay too gangsta for me. GTA is fun as long as it's tongue in cheek, and San Andreas takes things too seriously... I will share my views on that at some point, probably when I finish all three games.

Shortlist of stuff I'm hoping to finish soonish to make way for more games:
- Grim Fandango (no progress for a second week now)
- Disciples 2: Guardians of Light (more specifically, the Empire's basic campaign + the Empire's GoL campaign)
- Civilization 3 (still not sure what to think, have to toy around with it some more)

Also, Board Game Geek's and RPG Geek's Secret Santas start next week. Can't wait to get my target, and I'm hoping somebody nice will send me something cool so I can enjoy some new stuff.

PS: played Descent, the board game, last week. Quite fun, actually more fun than I thought! Looking forward to playing some more this week or the next.

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