sobota, 20 listopada 2010

MTU Kazan completed... finally.

Well, this is it, people. MTU Kazan - the project with put all my other projects on hold and took more than a month to complete is here.

MTU Kazan is a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure game translated into the internet/website format. It is free to play (there is an option to donate some money though and every little bit is very appreciated!), requires the newest Macromedia Flash, but other than that all you need is some free time on your hands. A fast computer is a plus, but not a requirement.

Please play through, and comment on the website in the Comment section. I need all the feedback I can get, though with the amount of stress and frustration this project alone put me through, I probably won't be doing another game like this anytime soon, at least not using the Wix format. If MTU Kazan is popular, however, I'm planning to create more games like this, probably a bit more complex and definitely longer. But those are plans for the future.

For now I'm taking a breather. Just to tease you a bit, here's a list of project I'm planning to focus on after I take a short break:

- a video, or maybe even a video series, on the basics of the RPG hobby
- learning the Game Maker software
- finishing a two-player board game
- designing a second board game
- writing short bulletpoint reviews for Videogame Geek (the first few of these can be found here: )
- and, of course, playing more games and discussing them here

So stay tuned, there's stuff coming up!

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