niedziela, 9 stycznia 2011

Ending the Gaming Diary

Yeah, so, as you can probably gather, the Gaming Diary format isn't exactly working out if you keep doing it for a month. Scratch that.

No King Arthur review yet, as I'm really not in the mood. But one's coming, I hope, some time soon.

In the meantime I finished Zombie Driver and installed and finished Zeno Clash. Both are indie games, both are quite enjoyable, with Zeno Clash having an original setting (with a punk / fantasy / tribal feel to it) but being very, very short (around 3-4 hours). Come to think of it, the campaign of Zombie Driver probably isn't longer than that, if at all that long. Both have additional modes, one I didn't try (Deathrace in Zombie Driver, my omission, but I can't fix that because, in my haste to create more disk space, I uninstalled the game shortly after completing it) and one I did try but didn't care about (Slaughter in Zombie Driver - a free-form run-and-gun on a preset level and seeing how long you can survive) and one I tried and may actually play some more (the Challenge mode in Zeno Clash).

I also played some more FEAR. I'm really liking it, but the horror / tension is right there on the border with me, so I've got to take it slow. Which means there's no way I'm going to finish it before Wednesday.

Also, GTA Vice City. Got to a point when I almost triggered the end game, but it seems I don't own enough businesses to forward the plot, so I'm doing small missions and making money off what I have (movie studio and print). Still having fun, but, again, the chance I'm going to finish it before going away is very slim. It's possible, but I don't think it's happening.

Summing up my plan for this month, it didn't work out. I got bogged down with some games, others I simply took my time with, sometimes I didn't feel like playing anything, I got back to older titles and installed some that weren't on the list... A good time was had, though I don't have as much reviews of games as I thought I'm going to. But well, I'm only human, and there's a whole new year to play games ahead of me...

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