sobota, 26 czerwca 2010

Gaming Diary, Day 4

Closing notes for today.

Played through most of the Allied campaign in Red Alert 3. I have the last mission (or so I think) to go through, and then it's time for the Empire. I found the writing a bit weak, as the Allied campaign is almost an exact copy of the Soviet one, plot wise. There is the additional theme of a temporary alliance between the two factions, which is nice, but besides that, most of the stuff is strangely similar... Also, according to my regular preferences, I liked the soviet strategies more, although the powerful Allied aircraft are quite a nice addition. I also like the Athena cannon a lot, but I found the Mirage tanks irritating - they don't attack automatically when ordered to hold position, which renders them pretty much useless as cover for the Athenas...

Anyway, also had my dose of Mass Effect. I'm nearing to 11 hours of play, and I'm enjoying myself quite a lot. Now that I have an understanding on how the game plays (although some things are still a bit unclear to me), and having played in this setting a while, I think I'm slowly putting aside whatever gripes I have with ME and I'm starting to see all the good stuff. Mind you, I will still have a few complaints about the game when I finish it, but I leave that for my Short Review, whenever I finish the game.

That's it for now. I'm playing Chaos in the Old World (a board game) tomorrow with my friends and Linda, but I'll definitely play some Red Alert 3 in the morning and Bioshock in the evening.

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