niedziela, 27 czerwca 2010

Gaming Diary, Day 5

I've played some Titan Quest in the morning, while listening to new music I got - check out Omnia, it's a really nice pagan folk band.

Other than that, got through the last Allied mission in Red Alert, though it wasn't exactly easy (quite irritating in fact). Started the Empire's campaign, seems interesting, but I can't shake off the feeling that everyone in the Red Alert 3 is a raving lunatic who doesn't care how many lives the operation is going to cost, or who will die in the process. The Allies kill the president of the USA - a thing which perhaps could happen with the Soviets, but don't the Allies, like, have war trials or something, instead of just disposing of their leaders when they do something stupid (also, Hasselhoff has a cameo in the end movie, yay!)? And the Empire's first strategic attack is against a helpless Soviet village which happens to have an important port. Those great and honourable warriors attack a village on New Year's Eve... and the briefing for the mission is like "Yeah, you should totally level the town, who cares, we're superior to them, let's just get rid of everyone in our way..." Seems a bit odd, don't you think?

Anyway, haven't played anything other than that, as we played Chaos in the Old World twice and then finished off with Senji. CitOW proved once again to be an unpredictable game, and one which surprises you all the time, while Senji showed off some of it's great features, as well as some considerable flaws. A very enjoyable afternoon/evening nonetheless!

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