piątek, 2 lipca 2010

Gaming Diary, Day 10

Well, not much playing games today either. I wanted to finish Bioshock, nice and simple, but the god damn SecuRom software screwed me over - I had to restart the computer several times, reinstall my anti-virus program and reinstall the game. Not to mention install the patch and look up several topics on SecuRom problems on the net. Funny thing is - none of that helped, but the game worked anyway for some reason, after I gave it time. Strange stuff, I tell you.

Important thing is - I've got another review to write, but this one is probably going to be shorter than the Mass Effect one I'm preparing. After all, Bioshock is much shorter and isn't as complex.

Tomorrow may or may not be Dead Space day. I've still got to finish Red Alert 3. I also have to work on some other, non-gaming stuff.

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