sobota, 24 lipca 2010

Gaming Diary, Day 23

Well, I got through one of the toughest missions in an RTS in my experience in C&C3, and I'm fighting the Scrin as the GDI now. No Doom 3 yesterday though.

I'm off to play a session of Klanarchia, a Polish RPG system. After a week of gamemastering, being a player is going to be a nice change. I don't know much about the setting, and what I know is neither here nor there, but I've got a trusted player to GM for me, so it's going to be fun in any case.

And in the evening, I'm playing Chaos in the Old World at another friend's place. Maybe if I get back early and provided I'm not meeting a friend tomorrow morning, I'll play some Doom 3 or Titan Quest.

Also, I'm planning to buy several games, as an electronics company started a price cut a week or so ago, and games are as cheap as 10 zloty (which is about 2 pounds, or 3 dollars). The following games are on the "To Buy Dirt Cheap" list:
- Jade Empire (a BioWare game I haven't played in a setting which may be interesting)
- Timeshift (according to the reviews, nothing special, but I like shooters, so hey)
- Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends (I like the factions, missed out on this a while back)
- Condemned (as mentioned before, time to perform suicide using stressful games...)
- Suffering 1 & 2 (action/horror, can be really fun)
- Earth (all Earth titles, 2140-2160 + expansion packs, a Polish RTS I never quite got, but liked some things about it)

I was also thinking about Broken Sword 4, but I can get it cheaper second hand back in the UK, plus I still have at least two adventure games to play.

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