piątek, 2 lipca 2010

Gaming Diary, Day 8/9 (30.06. / 1.07.)

No Diary yesterday or the day before that, and here's why.

On Wednesday, I was out for half the day, and later met with my friends, which means I haven't really played anything - I've only showed them the Red Alert 3 intro cinematics.

Then, yesterday, the same friends stayed around until 1pm, but I managed to show the a bit of Portal and some Mass Effect. After they left, I started finishing Mass Effect, and managed to do so before 10pm. A review is going to appear here quite soon I think, though I've also been thinking about talking about the game on-videom, but that probably won't work. I rated the game 8/10, as an enjoyable experience, but rich in some tedious moments and having a lot of small drawbacks. Plotwise, it was ok (great at times), but it smelled a lot of KOTOR, and wasn't very surprising (apart from a few twists). Ok, I have to stop, or else I'm going to write the review today, and I don't have time for that...

So yeah, Linda comes over today, so I would imagine I'm going to finish Bioshock later on. Then only Red Alert 3 remains of the "first batch". Since Linda was pretty excited about Dead Space, I'll probably uninstall Mass Effect today, and install DS to play with her.

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