sobota, 3 lipca 2010

Gaming Diary, Day 11

Today was peculiar. I played Dead Space, and only about 20+ minutes of it at that. Why? Because it shocked me so much I couldn't take any more. I'm a sissy when it comes to scary video games. You know that one level in Vampire: The Maquerade - Bloodlines with the haunted hotel? Yeah, the first time I passed that I had to play cheerful music in the background and turn off the volume of the game so I don't get scared. A silly game like The Devil Inside took me several years to finish because the first time I tried to play it, I was too scared. So I'm not sure if I'm going to finish Dead Space at all. And I'm definitely not planning to buy the second part. As much fun as it is, I just can't bear the tension.

Other than that, played a quick match of Unreal Tournament 3, remembered how stupid the bots behave on Warfare maps and turned off the game. Played a single mission of Red Alert 3, I've only got 4 or 5 missions left to finish the game, and I decided I'm probably going to keep it installed on my hard drive, even if there isn't much chance I'll be playing it a lot in Skirmish mode. I've played a co-op match of Left 4 Dead to decide if I should remove it or not, and decided to keep it for the time being, as it's still quite fun.

Plans for tomorrow - probably finish Red Alert 3, and perhaps start playing Doom 3. I hope it's more of the 'Bioshock creepy' vein rather than 'Dead Space OH MY GOD I'M DYING INSIDE scary' one. The first one, I can take and I enjoy. The second I enjoy, but I'm going have to invest in some tranquilizer to keep myself calm while playing...

EDIT: Oh, right, I forgot. I also finished playing Portal. Have I mentioned that you should play it if you never have? Anyway, go play it, it's a great way to scratch your brain a bit.

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