środa, 7 lipca 2010

Gaming Diary, Days 12-19

Huh, I haven't updated this since Saturday... But I have a reason for that! Simply put, things have become quite frantic recently and apart from playing a single mission of Red Alert 3, some Left 4 Dead and a bit of Dead Space, I haven't had time to play anything else! Thing is, I had some terrible headaches this passing week (I'm blaming Dead Space and how much stress it causes), so even though I was very tempted to install Doom 3 or finish Red Alert 3 so I could start C&C3, I just couldn't do it. Since I haven't got much time left to prepare for a convention I'm going to, I don't think I'll be playing anything in the next few days. On Friday, I'm leaving for Fornost, a LARPing/Tolkien-esque con, during which I gamemaster some RPG sessions and play a role in the last, big, game. I'm getting back on the 18th of July and given my junkie attitude toward gaming, I'll be begging to play stuff intensively for the next week or so.

This 'taking it slow' period will probably end in me not meeting my ambitious plan (according to it, I've got six more games to finish), but maybe that's for the better. We'll see, I'm guessing that I still have a good chance of finishing Doom 3 and the expansion, as well as the Chronicles of Riddick. I wouldn't be so sure about C&C3 or Mafia. Not to mention Company of Heroes, which I brought from the UK to play here, and the same goes for Titan Quest... Tempus fugit, or as I used to say: "So many games, so little time!".

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