piątek, 24 grudnia 2010

Gaming Diary - Day 16 (24.12.10)

Today I played some King Arthur, Zombie Driver, GTA 3 and Dogfighter.

King Arthur has unfortunately deteriorated in fun, as it seems I have completed some quests to early and apparently forwarded the plot before I was ready for it. Now I can't really proceed with ANY of the main quests, because of how the random quests keep popping up and I'm fighting a war on two fronts with no chance of winning either conflict fast enough. This made me start a new game, but since the beginning is pretty boring, I'm seeing myself making a short pause in playing the game to regain my interest. I hate it when it happens, that your mistakes are only visible after a while and you find yourself in a situation with no sensible solution apart from restarting... Oh well, the game is fun enough to pull this off and not have me hate it. Unless it does it a second time, that is.

Zombie Driver... I completed several plot missions while listening to a CD my dad gave me for Christmas. Really fun game, though its indie origin shows quite a lot. Sure you're playing a complete product and all, but it just lacks polish, somehow... Same is true about King Arthur, but I'll address that in a review, which is coming sooner or later (preferably only after I complete the game). Anyway, Zombie Driver is a fun little game which I can see myself playing on and off.

GTA 3. Well, I'm very close to finishing it now, only three missions away from the End Game. However, those final missions are quite the pain in the ass. I'll try doing them tomorrow, because I'm quite eager to get rid of GTA 3 and try out Vice City, though I'll probably have to make a short pause from the franchise in order to regain interest fully.

And finally, DogFighter. Well, I'm not as impressed as I hoped I would be. It's a fun game and all, but since it's a typically Multiplayer Match game, there's really not that much for me there. A Quick Match I tried put me against Bots for some reason... I'll play around with the game for as long as the interest's there, and maybe I'll play some on-line matches as well. I wouldn't be counting on it staying with me long, though.

Finally, a quick sum-up of stuff I got for Christmas ;)
- three books by Polish fantasy writers ('Żmija' by Andrzej Sapkowski, and two out of three parts of 'Pan Lodowego Ogrodu' by Jarosław Grzędowicz)
- one music CD, a live concert of a band I don't really like that much, but with a symphonic background to it (think Metallica's 'S&M'), which makes it pretty awesome if not for the vocalist's god-awful singing and lyrics.
- a 'teach yourself Danish' book, yay!
- and what's probably most interesting for you guys, three video games: FEAR 2, Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter and Mount & Blade. I also just got the First Encounter and King Arthur in a pack with all the DLC's for less than 10 euro's from Steam, courtesy of my dad. I would've bought them myself but I can't transfer any funds from my Polish card, unfortunately.

At any rate, I'm taking my time with games etc. I'm hoping to set up an evening with my closest friends next week or right after New Year's Eve, and to set up another meeting with the same crowd I played Chaos in the Old World and Age of Conan to play both again. The clock's ticking though, and I'm only here for the next two and a half weeks.

Oh, right, almost forgot - quite a big chance I'll be installing FEAR (the first one) tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. I think I'm in the mood.

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