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Gaming Diary - Day 5 (13.12.10)

Hmm... more of the same, really.

Got a bit further in Timeshift (I'm somewhere in the second half of the game).

Played some more GTA3 (slowly getting to the end of the first 'chapter').

Got some King Arthur in, I don't have all the options yet, but I won my first siege, which was pretty cool.

I played more Left 4 Dead, bits and pieces of different scenarios and then two full campaigns (Heavy Rain, which was insanely cool, and No Mercy) with two other players. It was cool, but the Advanced difficulty which we took on No Mercy killed us several times. I haven't survived that game, while everyone else did, but during the first one I was the only one to escape, so we got even.

I finally defeated Ivy in Arkham Asylum, but I can't possibly win the fights with Joker's henchmen in the finale. The camera just doesn't work well and it makes fighting extremely hard. It doesn't help that they added guys with knives, stun batons and guns to the mix, it ony makes it more frustrating. Also, the game doesn't save in between rounds, which means you have to do the whole thing in one go... See, this is how the ugly console mechanics trespass on my beautiful, near perfect game. I'll probably finish the game anyway, but it may be a while - if I don't succeed in the next few days, I'll probably just leave the game alone for a week or more. I really don't want to hate it, this is probably my favourite Single Player only game EVER...

Also, surprise, surprise, I played a single match of Soulstorm, just for laughs. I love the game for it's design and how well it portrays the universe of Warhammer 40K, but I'm not a big fan of the gameplay. It relies too much on twitch and reflexes, I used to say it's an RTS which plays like an FPS and I still think that holds true.

I may be away from home tomorrow, so I'm not making any very big plans, but I would like to play more GTA, King Arthur and perhaps Left 4 Dead. Batman is also an option, but that depends on my mood, mostly. I'm also downloading Lord of the Rings Online now, so there's a chance I'll be playing that soon. We'll see if it sticks, I like an MMO from time to time, thought its major appeal is definitely lost on me in the long run.

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