środa, 15 grudnia 2010

Gaming Diary - Day 7 (15.12.10)

My mood improved somewhat today, but that doesn't mean I played a lot, quite the contrary. I only played some King Arthur, and I am amazed at the depth the game offers. Just wow, it's really impressive how different elements in the game work together to create a really great experience! I'm still somewhat 'shy', if you get my meaning. I don't think I 'get' some of the mechanisms yet, so I play very cautiously and thus I found that I made some poor choices along the way. But anyway, I am very happy the game became more complex, because when I played the demo, I was underwhelmed by how curiously simplistic it was... I can see now, that it really pays to spend more than an hour or two getting used to it!

I also just finished Timeshift, and as soon as I post this entry, I'll write a Short Review of it. You'll probably just read two posts in a row anyway. Now I have to decide what to play next in the FPS/shooter category. I've got at least three options: FEAR, Call of Juarez or The Suffering. Condemned is also a possibility, but I'm not sure if I'm ready for it, so might as well play something scary beforehand to get prepared (yeah, as if that helped...). Or I might as well focus on Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead two for a couple of days, why not.

I may play some GTA 3 or maybe Left 4 Dead later, but I think I'll just read something tonight.

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