wtorek, 14 grudnia 2010

Gaming Diary - Day 6 (14.12.10)

Had an absolutely rotten day, nearly start to finish. Seeing how I'm going through a tough to beat depression period, I haven't really felt like playing anything much. But I did end up finishing another mission in Company of Heroes, getting a bit further in GTA 3 (got to the annoying missions, by the way... how I'd love to get my hands on that mission designer...), playing a single short skirmish in Kane's Wrath (god dammit, the Easy difficulty AI isn't even trying. It didn't build a freaking Refinery! At all!) and played some more Timeshift. That's it, really. Nothing too remarkable to report today.

Well, as a kind of related note, I was taken into the VideoGameGeek council yesterday - a group of people who suggest ideas for the direction the website is taking and give some feedback on different concepts. So quite nice of them to think of me. I was also offered the RPG Geek of the Week title, and I agreed. This means that next week I'll be in the spotlight, answering some questions from users. I'm quite honoured and somewhat happy, though it didn't fix my very down mood.

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