niedziela, 12 grudnia 2010

Gaming Diary - Day 3 (11.12.10)

I was quite tired yesterday, so I missed updating. For the three of you who read this - sorry for that.

So just a quick note.

I got to Killer Croc's lair in Batman: Arkham Asylum. Damn, this game is good. Playing it for a second time is almost as much fun as the first, and that's a rare thing!

Uninstalled Mafia, but that you already know. Installed GTA3 in its place and got through the first few missions. Loving it, the game's really enjoyable when you get into the right mindset, even if it has quite a lot of small flaws.

Played some more Timeshift. I'm progressing slowly. The game's fun, nothing special, but keeps you entertained and the combat is interesting, because its demanding. You can't really win big fights without using the time warping powers.

Also, I managed to finish another mission in Company of Heroes. I'm slowly getting to the one which I always end up being stuck on, so we'll see how I'll do once I actually get there.

And some more progress on King Arthur. Having unlocked most of the game's features by now, I'm still learning some of the mechanisms. It's not as enthralling as I hoped, but still a nice game, and I would probably play more of it if I didn't divide my attention so much.

So yeah, expect an update on today later on, or maybe tomorrow morning.

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