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Gaming Diary - Day 4 (12.12.10)

Some stuff I did yesterday:

1) I played GTA 3. This game is really fun when played on a good PC. My previous frustrations with the game are now gone just because I like the graphics and how well the game flows. Or maybe it's because I haven't got to the most frustrating missions yet...

2) Played more Timeshift. Still having fun.

3) Installed and played a bit of Left 4 Dead 2. Fun game! It's different than the first one, but still good. I'm thinking the special infected may be too crammed now, but I'll see if that's right after playing some more. There's an achievement on Steam which I have to get to be entered into a contest. This will require me to play through all the campaigns, and I'll do that today I guess, but only one stage per campaign.

4) In Batman: Arkham Asylum, I got from Killer Croc to Poison Ivy, and I'm planning on playing further today. If memory serves me right, I'm almost at the end game.

5) Unfortunately, I haven't had time to play neither Soulstorm nor King Arthur nor Company of Heroes, all of which I wanted to play. Maybe today, maybe not. A day hasn't got enough hours, apparently.

6) I also managed to play three games of Hnefatafl with my friend yesterday, and to playtest one of my game prototypes. It doesn't work as well as I would have hoped for, unfortunately, so some tweaks are needed. I'll get to it soon.

So yeah, maybe today I'll update in the evening, otherwise I'll just get confused quickly.

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