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Gaming Diary - Day 18 (26.12.10)

No entry yesterday, as I wasted a few hours trying to get the computer working. For some reason, reinstalling my sound card made Windows angry and I basically couldn't make it work for some time. Scan haven't showed anything, which means that the computer is now working normally, but I have no idea what caused the problem...

Alright, so, yesterday:

- I played some more FEAR. It's not as scary as I thought it's going to be, even though there is some spooky stuff there (the ladder scene, which any of you who played the game should know, for example). Fun game.

- I played GTA Vice City. Already I'm in the mood for the '80's, that's the one thing the game did very well. Other than that it's also very good, much better than GTA 3, with more character, less frustrating missions (though I already got to two, one of them mildly annoying, the other extremely out of place even if not that difficult when you knew how to approach it) and some small improvements. I'm encountering a problem, however, as the game tends to freeze on me and crash the whole system so I have to restart the computer. I haven't been able to find a solution for that - when I tried reinstalling the sound card, well, you already know what happened. So screw that, I don't care enough to put the whole system on the line.

- I also installed and attempted to play Serious Sam: The First Encounter HD. Unfortunately I can only play the demo, because when I fire up the Egypt campaign, I get an 'Unable to load level.' error and can't proceed... Again, no idea what this is, but I'm looking into it. Seems some people had the same problem, but I'm not sure if any of them solved it because I couldn't find any solutions online... As you've seen I also got the Second Encounter from my mom, so here's hoping I'll find a solution, because ending up with two unplayable games would only serve as a testament to my rotten luck.

I may be able to write the GTA 3 article today, but don't quote me on it. Plans for today include Vice City, FEAR, and perhaps King Arthur. Much depends on whether or not I'm going out today. If I'm not, that leaves more time to play games.

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