sobota, 25 grudnia 2010

Gaming Diary - Day 17 (25.12.10)

First things first - Steam, I hate you and I love you. I got my dad to buy me a King Arthur pack yesterday for not more than 5 euros, consisting of the basic game and all expansions... I got it despite having the basic game, because with that deal it was still WAY cheaper than if I got the Saxons and two other (small) DLC packs in a bundle without the deal. I also got Serious Sam: The First Encounter HD, because the series I got the Second Encounter HD from doesn't have that first game. Yay to my dad, boo to PayPal for making it extremely difficult to get any money on the account.

I played some Dogfighter today, can't seem to find a non-bot match anywhere...

I tried finishing GTA 3 again, and decided to screw it. The game got uninstalled, I'm giving Vice City a go in a few minutes and stay tuned for a Thoughts On / Short Review of GTA 3 coming around later today or tomorrow (more likely).

I also installed FEAR and played 20 minutes or so of it, will get back to it tomorrow.

And also restarted King Arthur hoping to not screw stuff up this time around. Please, please, please, I don't want to NOT like this game, it's really cool!

My tenure as RPG GOTW is almost over, tomorrow I'll be handing the torch to another person.

Also, is it just me, or has time started flying like crazy? I can't seem to get anything done, I feel this pressure as if I was late all the time... I have no idea what's going on but I'm not liking it, it's not a comfortable state of mind!

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  1. Time is an illusion.

    W jakim banku masz konto? Ja mam mBank i od czasu jak przysłali mi nową kartę bankowatową to mogę bezpośrednio płacić na Paypal.