niedziela, 5 grudnia 2010

Update before the Storm

Hey, all. I've been silent again, I know. It's because I got quite lazy lately. After completing MTU Kazan I am quite tired with writing, but I am working on my board game projects, and I hope to continue working on them over the next month.

I'm leaving for home on Wednesday, so it's time to go back to The Gaming Diary. Some of my plans for December and the beginning of January:
- finish Mafia
- play and finish Batman: Arkham Asylum again
- play Left 4 Dead 2
- fiddle a bit with Red Alert 3 and decide whether or not to keep it installed
- fiddle a bit with C&C3: Kane's Wrath and decide whether or not to keep it installed
- play and finish Timeshift
- play and possibly complete Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance. Then either play some more and remove to make place for Supreme Commander 2, or keep it there and install SupCom 2 anyway.
- play and finish Grand Theft Auto 3, upon completion start playing GTA: Vice City
- play and perhaps complete Company of Heroes (the basic game), start playing Opposing Fronts
- play Titan Quest, Left 4 Dead, W40K: Dawn of War - Soulstorm Heroes of Might & Magic V and Rome: Total War as a background thing
- play Dogfighter (not a very significant point on this list)

And this doesn't include a mystery game I'm due to receive tomorrow by post (my Christmas present from my girlfriend; I have a pretty good idea of what it is and I'm quite happy with it!), nor some other games I want to play over this month (like FEAR or Call of Juarez or Zeno Clash), but probably won't because of time issues. I mean, there's only that much gaming you can fit in a day. And I've got stuff to read, things to do and games to design as well!

Also, I'll get a board game (or a few board games, if he's generous) from my BGG Secret Santa. We'll see what those things will be. And I can't really not take into account the possibility that I will get some more games from either Steam or, since the Christmas season usually means good offers. Oh, and then there's some games my mom probably got me for Christmas (FEAR 2, Serious Sam 2 HD, Mount & Blade)... Damn. You can now see why I called overhaul on my recent buying policy. It's gotta stop, otherwise I'll just drown in games. My room isn't too big...

I may be able to make that video I promised, but I'm not sure if I'll manage before Wednesday, and given that I've got some things to do I probably have to keep it for the new year. I've got the draft ready however, so it's only a question of using the Windows Movie Maker again and actually recording the whole thing.

Also, let me remind you about MTU Kazan again. If you haven't played it, go there and do it, and send it around. You can find the link below in one of the older posts.

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